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How to know my ring size?

Please read the sizing page:

Here is the Circular sizing guide to be 2D printed:

Here is the Circular rings to be printed 3D printed:

The ring comes in 8 different sizes from US 6 to US 13. One of them should fit. We don't do half sizes.

The Circular ring sizes fit the standard ring sizes. If you already know your ring size, Circular sizes will be the same. You can also go to any jeweler to ask for your US equivalent size.

If the size does not fit when you receive your ring you'll have 14 days upon delivery to change it for free.

We will be able to send a sizing kit before delivery to confirm your size. It costs $5.

Here are some wearing recommendations: You can wear Circular on any finger. It has to fit comfortably. If you're between sizes, we usually recommend choosing the smaller size that fits. If you have big knuckles, choose the smallest size that slides over your knuckle. It’s better tight than loose.

It is best to wear Circular on the fingers of your non-dominant hand. Eg: If you are right-handed, wear it on your left hand. Note that the three middle fingers give the most accurate readings.

Finger size can vary depending on the time of the day, especially in the morning/evening when your fingers are slightly larger.

Updated on: 19/07/2022

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