In different scenarios, the ring disconnects. If that's the case, the ring can sometimes lose the bluetooth connection with your phone.

If you can't find your ring through the app or if you don't see your ring in the "Set up new ring" list, please try to connect your ring after each of these steps:

Please disconnect your phone from other bluetooth devices

Activate the airplane mode and disable your bluetooth and gelocalization of your smart phone then reactivate them

Kill your app and restart it

Please ensure that your ring is turned on in my ring > manage my ring

Go into manage my rings > click on the red cross to forget the ring from your app.

Put your ring back on the charger, charge your ring fully, bring your ring close to your phone, and try to set it up again on the app as the very first time.

If your ring stil vibrates when you press the button, please operate a factory reset by pressing the button for 20 seconds and restart the process.

If you still cannot connect your ring please contact the support.
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